A Minority and Female Owned Business

Nonamins Mission

At Nonamins, we’re committed to providing you and your family with leading nutritional supplements without compromising on taste. Our values are founded on quality, efficiency and science. We’re confident that our products will work for your family, because they’ve worked for our families and our patients.

About Salma and Vesna 

Nonamins was founded by Vesna and Salma, 2 immigrant refugee neighbours turned best friends who both work in the healthcare industry, Vesna as a Geriatric Wellness Specialist and Salma as a Board Certified Pediatrician.

Frustrated with the state of public health, and concerned for her 2 athlete daughters’ health, Vesna approached Salma, who also happens to be her daughters’ pediatrician, when she realised that several of her elderly patients and their families, despite the saturation of options in the market, still have nutrient deficiencies.  

When presented with the research, Salma found the same to be true for her own health, her athlete daughter’s health as well as the majority of her patients in clinic. Having survived breast cancer, Salma attributes her prior illness due to the fact that she was Vitamin D deficient for 15 years. 

Salma also noticed that some of the biggest problems her patients face are things like parents having busy lifestyles with no time to cook healthy meals, children who are picky eaters, tired teens struggling to keep up with school responsibilities and with a majority of all her patients being Vitamin D deficient.

Both Salma and Vesna found that it’s not easy to find vitamins in the market that are delicious, easy to take and provide an excellent source of nutrition that don’t include gelatin, allergens like nuts and wheat and are plant based.

So they set on a mission to create vitamins that are delicious for all ages, allergen free, vegan, and free of artificial additives and made of top quality ingredients. 

2 years later, Nonamins was born.