A Minority and Women Owned Business


Our Story
Nonamins was started by 2 immigrant refugee women, Vesna and Salma, who became good friends living in the same community.
Both women worked in healthcare, but cared for patients at different ends of the spectrum - from infants to the elderly population.
One day, Vesna approached Salma, her friend and children’s pediatrician, about developing a line of vitamins. Vesna had spent the last 6 months researching and presented Salma with a power point presentation as to why she should join her in this business venture. Salma was impressed by the data Vesna had presented.
So they set on a mission to create vitamins that are delicious for all ages, easy to take, allergen free, vegan, and free of artificial additives and made of top quality Ingredients, utilizing both their experience and knowledge of nutrition and wellness in the different age groups.
After 2 years of work, Nonamins was born.