Yummy Gummies. No Nasties. Familes that gummy together, stay together.


Honestly, my kids remind ME about vitamin time now. That's what I like most about this product. It's safe for my kids, it's good for them, and they enjoy it as well. Me and my husband take some too, because they taste great and I don't have to swallow a huge pill. I definitely recommend this product.


OMG, my son now takes his vitamins and always wants more. His face literally lights up when I take one out of the bottle. We’ve tried several different types of capsules and chewables - they either just couldn’t cut it because of annoyance, extra time needed or because they got spat out. We are both clearly impressed. Super pleased with these!

Sandra M.

The taste of these are good for a vitamin. You can taste that it is still a vitamin, but my kids still enjoy them. The fact that they think it is a gummy is a big deal for them, and my peace of mind as a parent. I definitely recommend this product.


why nonamins?

Quality ingredients you can trust

We're commited to providing you with great tasting, high quality nutrition to make vitamin time something your entire family can look forward to.

Doctor Formulated Vitamins

With our multivitamin blend, you can be confident knowing that you and your family get the right balance of vitamins and minerals for your diet, and it's doctor approved.

Allergen free for your peace of mind

All our supplements are CGMP Certified, contain no artificial flavors and are vegan friendly, Halal, Kosher certified, gluten free, gelatin free, casein free and nut free.

Meet our founders

Female Founded and BIPOC Owned.

Struggling to get your picky eaters to take their vitamins? Worried that your family isn’t getting the nutrition they need? Trying to keep up with all the supplements everyone should be taking? 

As mamas, we know exactly how you feel. We get it.

But what if vitamin time was something all the family looked forward to? 

We’re on a mission to give your family the best tasting, top notch nutritional supplements on the market. Trust us when we say, you and your kids will never want to miss vitamin time again!

Salma & Vesna